How it works

About Jumentra

Every day animal transports are carried out across Europe. Transporting animals entails a lot of challenges, during planning as well as on the road. Jumentra does not shy away from these challenges and thinks in solutions in the form of an online platform which brings the animal husbandry and the livestock transport companies in contact with each other. Also Jumentra helps ensure that everybody active in the livestock industry can work together more efficiently. Less empty kilometers, more profit and you are only a few clicks away from an overview to see opportunities in case of transporting animals.

Advantages for animal transporters:

“I have a truck, but no freight!”

A transporting company has a truck and is looking for a freight he can transport. By using Jumentra the transporting company can see an overview of freights which have to be transported all over Europe. This makes planning of the fleet more efficient. The result: less empty kilometers and therefore more proceeds.

Advantages for animal husbandry:

“I have to transport animals, but I have no transport!”

A farmer is looking for a suitable partner to transport his animals. Jumentra offers an overview of transporting companies that meet the requirements and which are available at the right moment at the right place. Summarized: it is very easy to get an overview with regard to transporting your animals.

Jumentra is more...

Emergency on the road? Jumentra offers the solution. You are only one click away of reaching livestock transport companies who are able to help you transporting the animals. We also have mapped serveral facilities with regard to transporting livestock, such as resting stables, cleaning and disinfection locations and weigh bridges.